Modern technology

Multi-platform remarketing solution.

Data Enrichment

2trde aggregates & enriches all vehicle data with relevant condition and manufacturer information.

Vehicle Distribution

The engine allows to distribute vehicles across all auction-platforms and other sales channels.

Highest Price

Higher transaction prices due to higher demand and higher competition.

Real-Time Bidding

2trde enables multi-platform bidding by connecting different auction platforms.

For Resellers

Today only a limited number of buyers are reached!

  • One-click access to multiple bidding platforms
  • Access to a larger buyer base
  • Higher demand and competition leads to higher transaction prices
  • Reduced interface requirements due to standardization
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  • For Resellers
  • For Auction-Platforms

    Today cars are limited to one auction house!

    • One-click access to multiple car suppliers
    • Consistent data synchronized biddings and scalability
    • Less manual data and process handling
    • Increased supply results in a faster transaction cycle
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  • For Auction-Platforms
  • For Dealers

    Today buyers have only access to a small portion of the used cars!

    • Reduced waiting time to find the “right” car
    • Standardized vehicle description and information
    • Customer view during auction
    • Multi-language vehicle data
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  • For Dealers
    • Our value added

      Benefits for all players in the remarketing chain.


      Remarketing Volume


      Buying Power


      Vehicle information

      Our team

      Experienced team with deep automotive and technology expertise.

      Johannes Stoffel
      CEO & Co-Founder

      Marcus Lankenau
      CTO & Co-Founder

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