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Streamline your digital vehicle trade with our multi-channel platform.

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Instead of auctioning a vehicle to one auction house, 2trde auctions your cars across 8 different auction houses simultaneously.

A full-service platform

One marketplace which includes numerous automation features and smart data. Meaning you only need one employee to take care of registration, auctioning, logistics and payment.

Fewer customer complaints

Use intelligent data enrichment to process vehicle data faster and ensure all information is correct and up to date. Ensuring you’ll receive fewer client complaints from inaccurate data.

Bring your buyers along

Don’t lose your network of buyers. Instead, bring them along when you implement the 2trde platform.

Status Quo: B2B remarketing channels are analogue and inefficient

Too high costs
Many intransparent cost items such as premiums and auction fees are being charged to the highest bidder.

Fails to maximise bids
Putting all your business through only one auction house limits the offers you will get.

Ties up capital
The average B2B auction process takes 30 days. During this time your capital is tied up and simply generates costs.

Wastes time
Manually checking and managing vehicle data in PDF and Excel files is not only tedious, but also very time-consuming.

2trde: More profit and reach for car auctions


Reduces costs
Digital processes increase efficiency and cut costs. No hidden fees are charged.


Lowers capital tie-up
Instead of offering your car auction at only one auction house, 2trde maximizes the reach of your car auction to up to 6 auction houses.


Maximises bids
The average time a B2B auction takes is 30 days. With 2trde, an car auction takes only 7 days on average.


Saves time
The days of manually checking vehicle data in PDF and Excel files are over. Our digital processes save you money and time and are easier on the nerves.

Digital data acquisition

Data acquisition with 2trde is not only faster and easier but even more precise. Our platform consolidates all vehicle data available – allowing you to keep an overview at all times. You can upload data from an existing assessment or other documents, your DMS system or using our appraisal app. Better data leads to better results and avoids complaints.

Artificial intelligence

We not only digitize data acquisition, but also enrich the acquired data with VIN data and information from the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Our algorithms also help you with automatic image recognition. In addition, 2trde forecasts a B2B sales price and shows market insights. You reap the benefits of even more accurate results.

Multi-channel auction

Instead of only one auction platform, 2trde allows you to offer your vehicles on up 6 auction platforms throughout Europe simultaneously. This increases the reach and results in higher auction bids. The 2trde white label solution allows you to offer custom auctions in your design to your own customers.

About 2trde

Founded in 2017 by CEO Johannes Stoffel and CTO Marcus Lankenau, 2trde aims to supercharge vehicle trading. Using technology to drive transparency and seamlessly connect the right buyers with the right sellers.

Whether you’re a car dealer, fleet manager or leasing company, we’ve created a platform which broadens your vehicle reach. High-quality data is combined with automation features to ensure smooth processes across every aspect. From auctioning to registration and payment processes. Thus saving you time and energy and ensuring you increase your revenue while always having a buyer for every vehicle.

Currently, our Munich-based company has more than 50 employees and is active in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.

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Even more service for your car dealership

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We want to optimise the used-car business for professional dealers with digital processes. In addition to our core element, the 2trde platform, we developed two further products. Create more efficient processes for your car dealership! With our trade-in calculator you can display the trade-in price to your customers – on your website in your design. Our appraisal app digitalizes and facilitates vehicle appraisal in just five minutes. This app can be customized to your individual needs as well.

What our customers say

Rene Hertrich

Coordinator Used Car Remarketing, Central Used Car Organisation of the Emil Frey Group:
"Rather than manually copying all data from A to B as I used to, I can now simply use one of the many import functions. This makes my work easier."

Martin Kuhn

Senior Management Used Cars, Koch Automobile AG
"The combination of low costs, personal time management and personal dealer circle plus external competition makes 2trde an important sales channel in the B2B business for Koch Automobile AG. This concept is capped by the professional and fast support of the auction manager – thank you, Mr. Strauch."

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