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Remarketing used cars made easy

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Greater reach

Offer your used vehicles not only at a single auction house - but up to 6 auction houses simultaneously. This increases your reach!

Less time wasted

Car remarketing is time-consuming. With the 2trde platform you can save up to 25 minutes of work time per vehicle.

Lower capital lockup

A car waiting to be auctioned creates nothing but costs at first. We reduce all administration and marketing costs through digital processes.

Reduced costs

An average of €620 are due for both seller and buyer at a traditional auction. At 2trde the seller pays only €40 for the remarketing.

Illustrations von Auktionshäusern und einem Auto

What is the 2trde platform?

The 2trde platform is software designed to make the auction of used vehicles easier and more efficient. Just log in and offer your vehicles with up to five auction houses. At the same time, the software also helps you to manage your vehicles. You can save up to 25 minutes of working time on every vehicle just in placing the ad.

Illsutration Laptop for Autos und € Symbol

All features at a glance

Data import

The 2trde platform imports and aggregates vehicle data from different sources. Therefore, you don't have to enter the data manually and save time.

Collect all important data in just 5 minutes

- Quickly capture appraisals, Excel and CSV files with the appraisal scanner

- An interface allows you to transfer data from your inventory systems  

- The 2trde appraisal app was developed to record vehicle data

Enriching vehicle data

The vehicle data that you imported in the first step is enriched with additional data. This is done with information from the vehicle identification number (VIN), from the Federal Motor Transport Authority and from an existing appraisal.

Image recognition

Our software automatically detects and processes uploaded images and provides the following service:

- Automatic sorting of images

- Automatic anonymization of license plates

- Cropping of images

Price indication

With the transaction data obtained from the auction business, B2B prices can be forecast. This gives you a price indication for a vehicle as it is currently traded B2B. In addition, you receive a market analysis that shows you historical transactions.

Aggregated bidding procedure

With the 2trde platform you offer your vehicles not only on one auction platform, but on 5 at once. This gives you competitive advantages in remarketing.

- Your vehicle auction runs simultaneously on auction house A, B and C. The auction houses will bid each other up. This brings an average additional revenue of 16%.

- Your buyers can also participate in the auction via a white-label auction platform in your design.

Remarketing with 2trde – how does it work?

We are committed to making the remarketing of used vehicles faster, better and more efficient. In order to achieve that we are using a learning algorithm. Artificial intelligence improves data acquisition and data enrichment – not only reducing manual effort but also resulting in better, more accurate results. The faster process also reduces capital tie-up and vehicles can be auctioned faster.

2trde also has decisive advantages in the auction process itself: Instead of offering your vehicles at just one auction house, you can offer your vehicle across 5 auction houses at once with the 2trde platform. More reach means more profit for you.

2trde: Remarketing in 5 steps

After the auction, send an invoice to the highest bidding auction
Start the auction
Enter minimum price and duration of the auctioneintragen
Check data conflicts
Upload data 
a) existing appraisal
b) 2trde appraisal app
c) inventory system

Daten hochladen über
a) bestehendes Gutachten
b) 2trde Aufnahme-App
c) Bestandssystem
Datenkonflikte überprüfen
Mindestpreis sowie Auktionsdauer eintragen
Auktion starten
Nach der Auktion Rechnung an das höchstbietende Auktionshaus schreiben


Martin Kuhn

Senior Management Used Cars, Koch Automobile AG
"The combination of low costs, personal time management and personal dealer circle plus external competition makes 2trde an important sales channel in the B2B business for Koch Automobile AG. This concept is capped by the professional and fast support of the auction manager - thank you, Mr. Strauch.”

Rene Hertrich

Coordinator - Used Car Remarketing, Central Used Car Organisation of the Emil Frey Group
"Rather than manually copying all data from A to B as I used to, I can now simply use one of the many import functions. This makes my work easier."

Dominik Sickendieck

Sales Manager Used Automobiles, Walkenhorst Group
 "I don't like paperwork. With 2trde all processes around auctions run completely digitally. Instead of copying all data manually from A to B as in the past, I can now simply use one of the many import functions. This saves a lot of processing time and therefore money."

Christian Voßkamp

Managing Director, Bleker Group
"With the appraisal app, one of the most relevant topics in the digitization of vehicles has become much faster. The psychological barrier to quickly enter a vehicle has significantly decreased. Extensive training of employees is not required – the app works intuitively."


What is remarketing of cars?

Remarketing generally refers to the reselling of used items after repair, maintenance or cleaning. Remarketing is particularly important for electrical appliances, production machinery and vehicles. The term is also used in online marketing, where it describes a special way of addressing the target group: customers who have already visited a website once but have not bought anything can be addressed again. Remarketing should not be confused with resale, which usually refers to the sale of new goods through an intermediary. 

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence generally refers to the artificial reproduction of human decision-making structures. In the case of 2trde, an ‘intelligent, learning behaviour’ is simulated with the help of simple algorithms.

How does artificial intelligence help in remarketing cars?

Our algorithms help to improve the data basis. The data entered is enriched by our algorithms with information from the VIN and the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Artificial intelligence also helps with price indication: data from past transactions can be used to forecast highly accurate B2B prices. Find out more about the trade-in calculator here.

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