Car dealer software

Car dealer software designed to remarket used vehicles

With the 2trde car dealer software you have the following advantages:

All digital

2trde helps you digitize the remarketing of used cars. No more Excel lists – giving you more time for the important things.

Greater reach

2trde is not an auctioneer, but it unites several auctioneers on one platform – increasing your reach and your profit.

Better data quality

With manual data maintenance, errors always sneak in - digitization reduces this error rate. In addition, an algorithm helps us to improve the data.


Our products are modular, can be individually customized and adapted to the look of your website, if you wish so.

Which car dealer software does 2trde offer?

2trde supports car dealerships in the process of remarketing. The core feature of 2trde is the 2trde platform, a software for used car auctions. Instead of one auction house, you can offer your car on up to five auction platforms with 2trde. So how does the data get onto the platform? You can enter it, import it, or simply use the 2trde appraisal app, which supports you in the take-in process of the car.

In addition, we offer yet another service: the trade-in calculator. The trade-in calculator is a form which gives your customers real-time information about the current market price of a vehicle.

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The 2trde platform

The 2trde software helps car dealers make the auction business for used cars easier, smarter and more efficient. The advantage: You can offer your vehicle on up to six auction houses instead of one. This increases your reach – and gets you a better price. At the same time, the 2trde software helps you with vehicle management. Various listing options make data import straightforward and the 2trde algorithm helps improve data quality.

2trde Platform
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The appraisal app

The appraisal app is especially useful for car dealerships taking in trade-ins and leasing returns. Instead of a time-consuming process, taking in a vehicle takes only five minutes. A VIN scanner and an intelligent algorithm support the process. The data is automatically transferred to the 2trde platform and is available at a single location.

Trade in calculator

The trade-in calculator

The trade-in calculator is a service for car dealer retail customers. Customers who want to buy a car or trade-in a vehicle can see the current market value in real time. You can embed our trade-in calculator software in your website via API so that it appears in your design. It is only necessary to enter a few vehicle details and the data is enriched by an algorithm. While traditional trade-in calculators work with showcase prices from car exchanges, the 2trde trade-in calculator uses transaction prices from the B2B business. In a nutshell: individually adaptable, easy handling, exact results.

Car Remarketing Software

What our customers say

Martin Kuhn

Senior Management Used Cars, Koch Automobile AG
"The combination of low costs, personal time management and personal dealer circle plus external competition makes 2trde an important sales channel in the B2B business for Koch Automobile AG. This concept is capped by the professional and fast support of the auction manager - thank you, Mr. Strauch.”

Christian Voßkamp

Managing Director, Bleker Group
 "With the appraisal app, one of the most relevant topics in the digitization of vehicles has become much faster. The psychological barrier to quickly enter a vehicle has significantly decreased. Extensive training of employees is not required – the app works intuitively."

Rene Hertrich

Coordinator Used Car Remarketing, Central Used Car Organisation of the Emil Frey Group:
"Rather than manually copying all data from A to B as I used to, I can now simply use one of the many import functions. This makes my work easier."

Dominik Sickendieck 

Sales Manager Used Automobiles, Walkenhorst Group
“I don't like paperwork. With 2trde, all processes around auctions run completely digitally. Instead of copying all data manually from A to B as in the past, I can now just use one of the many import functions. This saves a lot of processing time and therefore money.”


How does AI support our software?

Our algorithms enrich the data you enter with information from VIN and the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Conventional price calculations of used vehicles refer to showcase prices of online exchanges. At 2trde, however, we use our own data from the transaction prices of car auctions.

How can I use the 2trde software? 

You will benefit most if you use all products and services at the same time – since they are coordinated and guarantee a fast and smooth process. Our software has a modular structure - you can also use only the modules you need for your car dealership.

How does the 2trde software differ from a DMS?

2trde is a software for your car dealership, but is not a DMS. While a DMS covers all areas to be managed, the 2trde car dealer software has been designed to digitize and optimize the B2B business. However, you can easily transfer data from your DMS via API to the 2trde platform.

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