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The 2trde appraisal app for car dealers:
Vehicle acceptance made easy

Simple and fast

The appraisal app offers easy vehicle take-in for car dealers in just five minutes.

Individually adaptable

The app has a modular structure – so you can use it exactly as you need it.


Artificial Intelligence and a VIN scanner support vehicle take-in and make it more efficient.


The appraisal app can be flexibly connected to your system via API. 

Appraisal App

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What is the appraisal app?

The 2trde appraisal app is not an appraisal app, but it supports car dealers in taking in trade-ins and lease returns, which can be very complex. The 2trde app works with AI to slim and improve the process, giving you more time to - for example - devote to marketing the vehicles. You can use our modular app for both retail and dealer listings, and arrange the fields to meet your needs. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Aufnahme-App - Upload mit dem Smartphone

The appraisal app explained

What can the appraisal app do?

VIN scanner to identify standard and optional equipment
Listing of history, condition, and tire equipment
Listing of vehicle images, including photo guidelines
Digital signature for delivery of vehicle
Modular construction
Individual configuration for your car dealership
Real-time data transfer to the 2trde platform
Inclusion of vehicles for B2C remarketing or B2B remarketing
Editing of vehicle images: cropping of images, insertion of background and logo 

When is the 2trde appraisal app used?

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At the time of vehicle acceptance
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When preparing and following up a trade-in
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For the valuation of a lease return
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When taking up vehicles for your own stock

All data entered with the 2trde appraisal app is automatically transferred to the 2trde platform. The appraisal app is not an appraisal app, but if appraisals or condition reports already exist for the vehicle, that's no problem. You can simply drag and drop appraisals to the 2trde platform and upload them. This way you have all data in one system.

The 2trde appraisal app for car dealers: easy handling

It's as simple as that:

Scan VIN
Enter history
Enter condition and photos
Enter tire equipment
Prozess mit der Aufnahme-App per Smartphone


Less time spent

Only a few minutes to digitize a vehicle

No double workload or media discontinuities

Data exchange works directly via interfaces

Real-time data transfer to the 2trde platform

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What our customers say

Christian Voßkamp

Managing Director, Bleker Group
"With the appraisal app, one of the most relevant topics in the digitization of vehicles has become much faster. The psychological barrier to quickly enter a vehicle has significantly decreased. Extensive training of employees is not required – the app works intuitively."

Rene Hertrich

Coordinator - Used Car Remarketing, Central Used Car Organisation of the Emil Frey Group
"Rather than manually copying all data from A to B as I used to, I can now simply use one of the many import functions. This makes my work easier."

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