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Our data is based on real transaction prices, not short-term offer prices. This leads to a realistic price presentation.


You can connect the 2trde trade-in calculator as a widget or via an API – whichever suits you better.

No paperwork

Our trade-in calculator saves your customers from filling in endless forms – saving paper and increasing satisfaction.

No waiting time

Your customers don't have to wait forever to find out what the old car is still worth. The trade-in calculator delivers results immediately.

The trade-in calculator briefly explained...

What is the trade-in calculator?

The trade-in calculator is a service for car dealer retail customers who want to buy a new car or trade in an old one.
The highlight of this process: The trade-in calculator is a form which you can integrate on your website via API. You can not only create workflows yourself but also adapt the design to your website so your end customers recognise the trade-in calculator as a service of your car dealership. Alternatively, we can provide you with the trade-in calculator as a standardized widget as an iFrame.

Trade in calculator

What is the trade-in calculator able to do?

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Easy data entry

Selection of vehicle data: basic data and equipment

Immediate price determination

Entering contact details and viewing the trade-in price

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Open interface

Easy integration on your website via API interface or as iFrame

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Comprehensive data basis

Transaction prices from the B2B business serve as the data basis for the calculated dealer purchase price.

Increased interest from customers who wish to trade in their vehicle on your website..

Customers leave high qualitative requests as they enter their contact and vehicle details – ideal for getting in touch.

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Convenient data forwarding

Forwarding of trade-in requests to the email inbox and the 2trde leadbox, in order to be able to contact customers seamlessly. 

Alternatively, enquiries can also be forwarded to your existing CRM or administration system.

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How does the trade-in calculator fit with the other 2trde products?

The trade-in calculator not only helps your end customers quote the price but also helps you with lead management. Because once the customer has entered the vehicle data and personal details, they will land directly in the 2trde Leadbox of your 2trde platform. You can start directly and offer the car on our auction platforms.

The trade-in calculator not only helps your customers, but also helps you in the auction process. All our services and products are modularly structured. However, the full potential of the trade-in calculator only unfolds when you use it in combination with the 2trde platform.


Rene Hertrich

Coordinator Used Car Remarketing, Central Used Car Organisation of the Emil Frey Group:
"Rather than manually copying all data from A to B as I used to, I can now simply use one of the many import functions. This makes my work easier."

Dominik Sickendieck

Sales Manager Used Automobiles, Walkenhorst Group
"I don't like paperwork. With 2trde all processes around auctions run completely digitally. Instead of copying all data manually from A to B as in the past, I can now simply use one of the many import functions. This saves a lot of processing time and therefore money."

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